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WeChat is a
mobile phone text and
voice messaging
communication service
developed by Tencent in
China. Clients are
available for Android ,
iPhone , BlackBerry,
Windows Phone , and
Symbian platforms.
Languages supported
include traditional/
simplified Chinese,
English, Indonesian,
Spanish, Portuguese, Thai,
Vietnamese, and Russian.
WeChat is supported on
Wi-Fi , 2G, 3G, and 4G
data networks.

WeChat provides
communication with text
messaging, hold-to-talk
voice messaging,
broadcast (one-to-many)
messaging, photo/video
sharing, location sharing,
and contact information
exchange. WeChat
supports social networking
via shared streaming
content feeds and
location-based social plug-
ins ('Shake', 'Look Around',
and 'Drift Bottle') to chat
with and connect with
local and international
WeChat users. Jeff
Xiong, Co-Chief Technology
Officer of Tencent,
manages the WeChat

Photos can be taken and
embellished with artistic
filters, captioned and put
into a personal photo
journal, and distributed to
friends. User data is
protected via on-demand
contact list backup and
retrieval to/from a cloud-
based service. WeChat
claims to provide a social
networking platform that
emphasizes user privacy
and fast response
Registration is done via
Facebook Connect , mobile
phone SMS/VM, or
Tencent QQ .

The application was initially
launched as Weixin in
China in January 2011,
with international
language support in
October 2011, and re-
branded as WeChat in
April 2012. It is being
promoted in India via
gaming site Ibibo , in
which Tencent holds a
The app is available in
the App Store for iTunes ,
Google Play Store for
Android, BlackBerry App
World and Marketplace for
Windows Phone.
WeChat's project starts at
Tencent Guangzhou
Research and Project
center on October 2010.
The app name
"Weixin" named by Ma
Huateng , Tencent CEO.
As of May 2011, WeChat
had 4-5 million users.
On end of 2011, it had 50
million users. WeChat
had more than 100
million users on March

In April 2012, Weixin re-
branded as WeChat due to
As of September 2012,
WeChat had more than
200 million users
according to Tencent CEO,
Ma Huateng .As of
January 2013, it had 300
million. Today
WeChat is the first mobile
phone text and voice
messaging communication
application in the world
by users and downloads
in the world. It has
influence in Mainland
China, HK, Taiwan , South-
East Asia, Chinese People
areas around the world
and westerners.
In April 2013, online
rumors WeChat will
charged, 90% users
strongly oppose. Now
WeChat still operates for

In May 2013, Rainie Yang
were revealed as product
endorser for WeChat.
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Ownership of the WeChat
brand is currently the
subject of a dispute with
Hong Kong based Admart.
Asia founder, Wayan Chan
who has used the WeChat
brand on both the
www.Admart.Asia and
WeChat.Asia websites.
Experts of Social Media
explain the mobile
application has a great
potential for marketing of
brands, games, and
mobile commerce even
though WeChat is
different from Weibo .

Free texting, voice messages, and
video calls in your pocket. 300
million people love WeChat because
it's fast, reliable, private, and always

• Talk faster on the go with voice

• Crystal clear voice and video calls

• Instant messaging with group
chats and animated smileys

• Chat with your friends or with
people nearby

• Sending photos and videos has
never been simpler

• Real walkie talkie mode with up to 40 friends

• Always on, no logouts, never miss a message

• Get message alerts instantly with
push notifications

• Share, like, and comment on
photos with your friends

• Import contacts and add friends

• Available on Android and all other smartphones, all for free
WeChat works over your phone's
existing data plan or any WiFi

Clich here to Download.

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